Biodegradable Labels Explained

Find out about our different label options by referring to the diagram below. We offer a range of materials that are made from both biodegradable face materials and biodegradable adhesives - meaning that the entire plain self-adhesive label is biodegradable. Optional aspects such as the finish or print may not yet be biodegradable.

Biodegradable Label Availability¹

Available Now
Biodegradable Semi Gloss Paper

Great for a whole range of standard labels across a wide variety of applications, from promotional stickers to product labels.

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Biodegradable Brown Kraft Paper

Perfect for higher end or luxury applications, brown kraft paper helps to create a more rustic look and feel.

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Biodegradable Gloss Clear Film

Suitable for various printing methods, and also an excellent option for clear packaging or seal stickers.

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Biodegradable Sugar Cane Fibre Paper

An alternative to semi gloss paper, these labels reduce consumption of wood and also have superior wet-strength properties.

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Biodegradable Transfer Printing Paper

This material is specifically designed to have optimal thermal transfer printing compatibility.

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Biodegradable Gloss White Film

A more durable alternative to standard paper, this film maintains biodegradable properties and is also certified compostable.

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Our Label Sustainability Principles


Finding suppliers that share our sustainability commitments, and seek to make the world a better place.


Efforts to reduce the use of materials, energy and resources, and finding ways to make labels last longer.

Reuse and

Ways to ensure that what we produce can be reused, turned into something else, or used sustainably.

  1. Materials listed as 'Available Now' have been tested with various production methods and we are confident with their print compatibility and overall quality. Materials listed as 'Accepting Enquiries' have not yet been tested with our production methods and may not be suitable for all print processes, and as such lead time may increase so as to allow testing before producing your order. For more information please contact us.

All adhesives within our biodegradable label material range are compliant with DIN EN 13432 biodegradability and compostability regulation.

Biodegradable assessment relates to unprinted self-adhesive labels with no additional finishes. Printing ink which can also be used with these labels is not currently certified as biodegradable. The release liner is made from siliconised glassine which is not currently biodegradable. For more information and further specifications please contact us.

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