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Custom Autoclave Compatible Labels

Autoclave compatible labels are specialist self-adhesive labels which are able to withstand the specific environment of an autoclave. These machines are used for industrial, scientific and medical purposes, creating an environment of increased temperature and pressure. This means that the labels need to be heat resistant and pressure resistant properties.

Benefits of using labels in autoclaves

The most common use case for autoclaves is for sterilising reusable medical equipment. Steam is used to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. While many pieces of medical equipment are now single-use, an autoclave gives the flexibility of reusing specialist equipment and helping to reduce waste.

Labels have a very functional role throughout this process, as they can be attached to items in the autoclave in order to properly identify them. Specialist autoclave compatible labels have face-materials and adhesives that can withstand the high temperatures and specific environment of the autoclave.

Custom Autoclave Labels
Using custom Autoclave Labels is a great way to improve your internal systems

There are a variety of ways that Crown Labels can produce custom autoclave labels for your specific application. Customised labels are always the best option because it ensures that they are designed with your operating processes in mind.

Custom Autoclave Label Shapes and Sizes

Pick from hundreds of stock cutter sizes, or have a custom one made for your order. With so many different shapes and sizes, there is sure to be an option that suits you requirements and your items.

Multi-Part ‘Piggy-back’ Autoclave Labels

Your autoclave compatible labels can also be made with internal cuts or perforations, allowing you to peel off different parts at different times. This can be very useful for instances in which an item needs to go through multiple processes.

With almost infinite customisation possibilities, piggy-back autoclave labels are a great solution. Get in touch with our team for more information ❯

Pre-Printed Colours and Design

From your organisation logo, to custom text, or another pre-printed design option, your labels can be designed to suit how you intend to use them. The custom design will be fully integrated with any other custom options, such as internal perforations.

Piggy-back Multi-Part Autoclave Labels
Your autoclave labels can be made using a piggy-back material so that different sections can be peeled independently

Thermal Printer Compatible Autoclave Labels

Can autoclave labels be printed on? The answer is yes - your autoclave compatible labels can be made to be compatible with thermal transfer printers, facilitating your own in-house printing for full operational flexibility. Using thermal transfer ribbons, you can print directly onto the label in order to add extra information or tracking details - even including unique variable data such as barcodes. Many of our customers use these printers with their autoclave labels to help with stock tracking.

What autoclave labels are best?

The best autoclave labels for you will depend on your exact machinery, and how you use the labels. We recommend testing any label first to ensure that the material is suited to your use case, and that it is print receptive to your specific printer. We're able to provide sample materials and options for you to try out.

Crown Labels have supplied millions of autoclave labels to a wide variety of customers, including NHS trusts, and are highly experienced at finding the best option for any use-case. As such, our team will be able to utilise their years of experience when recommending certain options for you.


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