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Upgrade your Paper Labels

Paper labels are great - they’re a cost effective material that’s easy to print on to, a more sustainable option thanks to careful sourcing, and suit situations in which they might need to be torn or removed. Most customers stick with standard matt or semi-gloss paper, but did you know that there’s a whole range of other options too? Today we’re highlighting four paper label upgrades that could further enhance your labels and make them even more suited to your application.

Textured Antique Paper Labels

Textured Paper Labels
Antique Paper is one way to introduce texture

If you’re using paper labels for products, why not consider an upgrade to antique paper? This type has a fine grain texture running through the material, which gives a premium feel and will help your product stand out from competitors. Touch is an often overlooked aspect of packaging, but one that’s vital to consider if you’re seeking to emphasise quality. A popular choice is combining this material with metallic hot foil or digital print, a great option for artisan or hand made products.

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Cover-up Opaque Paper Labels

Labels are often used to cover up parts of printed packaging, but there’s often the risk of bold colours still showing through the material - a particular issue with standard paper. Luckily we have opaque paper available, a specialist label material which includes a tinted backing which helps to prevent any printed design underneath from showing through more effectively than standard labels. Ensuring that a label can function properly as a cover up label helps to make things look more professional, whether you’re selling a product, amending a document or updating a price. Make sure to request sample labels to ensure that this material works for your specific application. 

Opaque Paper Price Stickers
Opaque paper labels are great as cover-up price stickers

Bright Fluorescent Paper Labels

Sometimes it’s vital to get the attention of an employee or customer, in which case we recommend using fluorescent paper. Available in a range of bright colours, this material is well suited to a variety of health and safety or promotional applications, and is a cost effective way of introducing colour for basic designs without the cost of print plates or digital set up charges. We supply lots of plain fluorescent paper labels too, as they’re great for simple markers due to the bright colours.

Health and Safety Label Tips >

Fluorescent Paper Spec Sheet >

Premium Tintoretto Paper Labels

If you’re looking for the ultimate paper upgrade, then Tintoretto Paper is a great choice. This is a premium, felt-marked paper that is considerably thicker (and more durable) than standard paper stocks. Great for premium, artisan or rustic products, the material is bright white which pairs perfectly with simple metallic foil designs or intricate digital prints.

Introducing Tintoretto Paper >

Tintoretto Paper Spec Sheet >

Tintoretto Paper Label
Tintoretto paper provides a stunning bright white canvas for your label design

Despite today’s technology creating a wider variety of synthetic materials than ever before, paper remains an incredibly popular option thanks to its low starting cost and natural feel.

All of these paper upgrades build on the various advantages of paper in order to create materials that are even better suited to your requirements, and help you to stay ahead of the competition - request a quotation now.


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