Sustainable Labels:



There's a whole world of materials beyond paper...

Plant-based labels are an important part of efforts to create circular and zero-waste economies, and also diversify material sourcing.


Rather than organic material going to landfill as waste from other production processes, it can instead be used as a key part of a label. It could even be used in a label for the very product it was originally making!

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Plant-Based Label Materials

Biodegradable Sugar Cane Paper

95% Sugar Cane Fibre

Avoid paper by using this biodegradable material, made from 95% Sugar Cane Fibre and 5% Hemp and Linen. 

Small minimum order

Recycled Grape Paper

15% Grape Waste, 40% recycled fibres

This material is made from 15% grape waste from wine making, 40% recycled fibres, and 45% FSC certified sustainably sourced paper.

Large minimum order applies

Gloss White Bio-Based PE

Minimum 83% Bio-Based

At least 83% of this film material is made from fermented sugar cane, helping to significantly reduce the use of polyethylene.

Small minimum order

Apple Paper

5% Apple Waste

Help prevent waste from apple juice production by using Apple Paper, made from 5% apple waste and 95% paper (FSC certified).

Large minimum order applies

Grass Paper

30% Grass

Switch to grass paper to help reduce your consumption of standard paper, which in turn reduces Carbon emissions, water consumption and energy usage.

Large minimum order applies

Biodegradable Natural-Look Paper

No Bleaching, PEFC Certified

This material is unbleached and uncoated, giving a premium natural-look appearance. The paper is from sustainable PEFC Certified sources.

Small minimum order


How are Plant-Based Labels sustainable?

Protecting forests

By decreasing consumption of wood-sourced paper, there will be less demand to cut down forests.

Helping reduce emissions

Using existing waste material, rather than creating brand new material, can save resources and reduce emissions.

Reusing waste products

Waste from current production processes can now be useful, helping to create zero-waste supply chains.

Sustainable Packing & Delivery

Responsible Sourcing
Paper Void Filler Material

We've replaced all of our void filler material with recyclable and biodegradable paper. This filler material helps to reduce the risk of your labels getting damaged and needing to be re-produced.

Reduce Consumption
Local Delivery Options

We deliver to many of our local customers, using efficient routes to save reduce pollution and fuel consumption. You can also pick up your labels directly from our factory.

Responsible Sourcing
Carbon Neutral Deliveries³

Our delivery partner is committed to carbon neutral deliveries, helping to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of your new labels.⁴

Reuse and Recycle
Recyclable cardboard cores

The cores which labels are wound onto are made of cardboard, meaning that they can be recycled. They're also great to turn into something else such as stationery holders or toys in hamster cages!

  1. Our new plain biodegradable label material is made from FSC Certified Paper and an acrylic-based adhesive, both of which are biodegradable. Printing ink which may be used with these labels is not currently certified as biodegradable. The release liner is made from siliconised glassine which is not currently biodegradable.

  2. Sometimes we may use UV ink to achieve a better print quality on intricate designs. Please make a request with our team if you wish to stick to water based inks only.

  3. Our main delivery partner, DPD Local (part of the DPD group), is committed to carbon neutral deliveries. More information is available on their website ↗

  4. Most of our labels are delivered by DPD and are carbon neutral, but some local and same day shipments are not. For more information about your specific delivery, please contact us.

All material supplies are subject to availability. For more information, further clarification on any of the above points, or to discuss your available options, please contact us.

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