Thermal Transfer Ribbons

We stock and provide a wide variety of thermal transfer ribbons which are compatible with popular printer models including Zebra and Godex, including coloured thermal transfer ribbons.

Key Types of Thermal Transfer Ribbons

There are a range of different types of thermal transfer ribbons, and different ribbons have various properties and printing compatibility. Our team will be able to help you pick the ribbon suited to your printer and application, ensuring you can produce high quality labels.

Wax Thermal Ribbons W
Wax Ribbons

These ribbons are typically cheaper as the print is slightly less durable than resin.

Resin Thermal Ribbons R
Resin Ribbons

Suitable for printing onto synthetic material and when print durability is vital.

Wax Resin Thermal Ribbons WR
Wax + Resin Ribbons

A mix of both resin and wax ribbons, where print durability is balanced with price.


Coloured Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Did you know that thermal transfer ribbons are available in colours, not just black?


Our coloured thermal transfer ribbons are great for printing variable data in set colours, with colour availability including red, green, blue, and more...


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