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Label Printing

Your high volume orders are hassle free with flexographic printing, enabling efficient production of up to six colours and varnish or lamination in just one pass, creating a cost effective solution when large quantities of labels are required.

Typical Uses of Flexographic Labels

A traditional process for longer run lengths with fewer variants, Flexography offers the ability to print up to 6 colours in one pass, including varnish or lamination. We can also manufacture plain labels to suit a host of thermal transfer or mem jet printers. Piggy back materials, back cutting, perforations and even sprocket fed labels can be supplied as finishes. 

Flexographic Labels

Consistent Designs

Flexographic production is perfect for products in which there are few variations due to the consistent production process.

Flexo Stickers

Long Run Production

Print plates help to speed up production for standard label designs, and become most cost effective on longer print runs.

Long Run Labels

Stock Labels

This process is typically used for the production of stock labels which go on to be used in thermal transfer printers.

Advantages of Flexographic Label Printing

This fully rotary operation is very competitive for higher volume orders and is suitable for printing on a wide range of substrates including papers, synthetics and some non-adhesive materials. Once print plates have been made, orders can be produced quickly as all colours are applied in just one pass.

Cost Effective

This process is highly cost effective for longer print runs, and reusable print plates keep costs down for repeat orders.


Up to six colours can be printed in one pass, colour matched to specified Pantone colours to help ensure consistent results.


Flexographic printing is compatible with a range of substrates, including paper, synthetic and even non-adhesive.


Various finishes and customisations are available, such as back cuts, perforations and more. Labels can be on rolls or fan folded.


All printing colours and optional varnishes or lamination are completed in just a single pass, helping to keep production moving.

Shapes and Sizes

We have a wide variety of stock cutters to pick from, or a custom one can be made specifically for your order.


Hassle Free Trade Ordering

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