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Hassle-free E-Liquid Labels and Stickers

The E-Liquid market is more competitive than ever, which means that it's vital to stand out to customers with high quality labels from Crown Labels.

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E Liquid Labes - Crown Labels
Label Suggestions

Get creative by using clear material, the perfect way to make your labels more engaging.


E-Liquid Label Options

Crown Labels is an experienced supplier of E-Liquid labels, working with many different companies in the vape industry. Our print processes are capable of achieving fine detail for both small and large labels, and our different finishing options help to ensure your labels remain protected. 


Select from a wide range of substrates for your labels in order to meet your needs for durability, feel and quality.

Shapes and Sizes

Our range of stock cutters accommodate for a wide variety of label sizes, including for 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and more.


Include batch numbers that are directly integrated into the label, or select a finish which is suitable for thermal transfer.


Digital printing over an extended colour gamut produces stunning results, with standard CMYK aided by specific green and orange inks.


The adhesives used for E-Liquid labels need to be strong and resistant to heat and liquids to ensure suitable adhesion throughout use.


Pick from a variety of lamination options to provide both a durable and premium finish, such as matt lamination.

E-Liquid Vape Labels
Help and Support

Find out how your E-Liquid labels can remain eye-catching while still following regulation.

Key Features of E-Liquid Labels

Durable and protective finishes

E-Liquid labels need to have a durable finish to ensure adequate protection from potential spillages and leaks. These finishes also have the added bonus of helping to ensure a good first impression for potential customers.

Durable E-Liquid Labels - Crown Labels
High quality printing

Demonstrate the quality of your E-Liquid and vape juice by selecting high quality labels with exceptional digital printing. This enables fine details and small text to remain crisp and legible, perfect for E-Liquid labels.

High Quality E Liquid Labels - Crown Labels
Batch numbering options

Regulation requires various forms of variable data such as batch numbers and best before dates. This can be achieved with digital printing, or your labels can have a thermal transfer compatible finish for your own in-house printing.

E Liquid Thermal Transfer - Crown Labels

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