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Fast turnaround for hand sanitiser labels

Crown Labels can ensure that your custom hand sanitiser labels for antibacterial hand gels and hand rubs are high quality and produced quickly.

Custom labels suited to hand sanitiser bottles

Fast turnaround on essential label orders

Durable labels for hand sanitiser dispensers


Custom Hand Sanitiser Label Options

It's important that custom hand sanitiser and gel labels are durable and long-lasting, as this ensures that the vital print and product information does not get impaired should any of the hand sanitiser spill onto the label. It's also beneficial for hand sanitiser dispenser labels to be synthetic so that they can be wiped clean, particularly when used in hospitals, care homes or other locations where hygiene is essential.

Do you need hand sanitiser labels that can be auto-applied to bottles during production? Crown Labels can provide labels on rolls to suit an extensive range of applicator requirements. Our experience in providing labels ensures we know what questions to ask and details to confirm in order to make sure your labels suit your applicator equipment.


We recommend using materials such as polypropylene, as this is a durable material well suited to hand sanitiser labels.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from hundreds of stock cutters, or have a custom cutter made for your order to perfectly match your bottle or dispenser shape.


Incorporate essential variable data such as best before dates and batch codes directly onto your hand sanitiser labels.

Label Applicator Compatible

We can provide labels on rolls that suit a whole range of label applicators, with specific core sizes, lead direction and roll diameter.


Get expert advice on label adhesives, with options including extra permanent and BS5609 approved adhesives.


Ensure your hand sanitiser labels stay looking great with durable laminates designed to ensure protection from alcohol exposure.

Hand Sanitiser Label Design
Help and Support

How should hand sanitiser and dispenser labels be designed? Get started with our top tips.

Key Features of Hand Sanitiser Labels

Durable labels for hand gel

Bottles of hand sanitiser gel are handled frequently, and could easily be exposed to the alcohol sanitiser. That's why its important to have a label that's durable to ensure that all the important information and details remain legible.

Custom Hand Sanitiser Labels
Safety and Usage Instructions

It's important that hand sanitiser labels include a range of key safety information and usage instructions. This ranges from the alcohol content of the hand gel to warnings about flammability.

Hand Sanitiser Safety Labels
Eye-catching dispenser labels

Help ensure the safety of staff and visitors by encouraging the use of hand sanitiser dispensers. Labels with bright colours and bold designs help to highlight the importance of washing and cleaning hands for preventing the spread of disease.

Hand Rub Stickers

Let's talk about your labels

Crown Labels Self Adhesive Labels
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