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Electrical PAT

Test Labels

Ensure your PAT test labels are of high quality with suitable qualities. Pick from a range of customisation options including design, lamination, adhesives and more.

Key Features of Electrical PAT Test Labels

Regulation ensures that a range of organisations have frequent safety tests for their electrical items (Portable Appliance Testing). The use of PAT Test Labels is critical to ensure that users know if electronic equipment is safe to use, and as there are some key features to consider.

PAT Test Labels

Adhesive Durability

PAT Test labels need to remain fixed in place on electrical items to avoid confusion or potentially unsafe situations.

Custom Electrical Safety Labels


Track which items were tested by which engineer with unique numbering and other references printed on the label.

PAT Testing Stickers

Colour Selection

Standard PAT test labels are green to represent items that have passed, and red to show items which have failed a test.

Options and Capabilities:

It is important for Electrical Safety and PAT Test labels to be of a high standard to ensure that they remain readable throughout their lifetime plus be suited to notes and marks being added by inspectors. At Crown Labels we offer a range of different label solutions with different possible customisations to suit your needs.


Select from a wide range of substrates such as synthetic, paper, clear and metallic to find the best material for your testing.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters, or have a custom one made for your order, or even a special shape made to match your application.


Include barcodes and other forms of variable data which are linked to your testing procedure, such as unique numbering.


Strong colour reproduction ensures your safety labels will be clear and visible, and that the colours will withstand their application.


Make your label suitable for a wide range of specific applications or scenarios, with various strengths of adhesives.


A wide range of finishing options are available such as write and seal which combines use case flexibility with durability.

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