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Warning and Hazard Labels

Keep yourself, your employees and your customers safe with warning and hazard labels which can be used at work or applied directly onto products.

Key Features of Warning and Hazard Labels

Labels become vital when they're used to ensure the safety and security of individuals, which is why we ensure all of our warning and hazard labels are always produced to an exceptionally high standard.

Warning Labels

Strong Colours

Ensure that suitable adhesives are used for your labels which are a match for the conditions they will be exposed to.

Health and Safety Labels

Clear Information

Any important information should be at a suitable size and clearly legible on a label, with suitable colours chosen.

Hazard Labels

Recognised Symbols

There is an extensive range of standard symbols which are used in hazardous situation, helping to prevent confusion.

Options and Capabilities:

Whether your label is small or large, needs to withstand a challenging application or environment, or needs a specialist adhesive - Crown Labels can help.


Select from a wide range of substrates which are suitable for a wide variety of applications and environments.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters, or have a custom one made for your order, or a special shape made to match your application.


Include barcodes, numbering or QR codes to help users get more information and support in any scenario.


Use our experience in colour management to create bright, eye-catching labels which promote health and safety.


High quality adhesive options are available, suitable for demanding environments where continued adhesion is critical.


Pick from a variety of finishing options to help make your labels more durable to withstand their application.


We'd love for you to see the quality of our labels.

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