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Crown Labels Sample Packs

Label Sample Packs

Try out a range of our labels to find the best option for your labelling requirements.


Request Samples from Crown Labels


Try out our labels and find the best option for your use case. Send us details of what you're looking for, and we'll prepare a selection of labels for you to compare and find your favourite.

We may contact you first to clarify your requirements. For other ways to get in touch, visit our contact page ❯


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Sample Pack Label Options

Print Process

Crown Labels can produce labels in many different ways, including Flexographic, Digital and Hot Foil


Help protect your label in challenging environments by using a laminate or varnish finishing option.


Browse our range of materials and see which one might be best suited to your application.


See our range of luxury label printing options, perfect for when you need to make a big impression.


Our different adhesives help to ensure that the adhesion matches your requirement, from removable to extra permanent.


As self-adhesive label manufacturers for 30 years, Crown Labels have a range of specialist options.

Sample Pack Options

UV Inkjet

Our new UV Inkjet press is impressively versatile, producing exceptional results across a wide range of materials and requirements.

Printing with additional inks to achieve an extended CMYKOV colour gamut, colours are bright and vibrant. The UV curable inks are also very lightfast and highly durable, making these labels ideal for a wide variety of applications.


Label Material Options

With so many material options for self-adhesive labels, it can be difficult to try and decide which is best for your application. That's why our team provide advice and suggestions based on your use case, and our sample packs feature a range of potential choices so that you can find your favourite.

Paper Labels

Cost effective standard option, suitable for a wide range of uses. Additional options such as opaque and textured papers are also available.

Vinyl Labels

Available in a range of bright colours, this material will help your labels stand out and are great for health and safety applications.

Polyester Labels

Recommended for applications in which a label may be exposed to very high temperatures. Also great for a metallic look.

Polypropylene Labels

Standard synthetic material, great for situations in which your labels need to be hard-wearing and water resistant.

Sustainable Labels

Our new range of sustainable materials have a variety of options to help you make a more environmentally conscious decision.

Polyethylene Labels

A great choice for non-standard surface, as the material can stretch and bend to accommodate different shapes and curves.


Label Adhesive Options

How sticky do you need your sticky labels to be? We use a variety of adhesives, so you'll be able to find the one that is best suited to your needs. Three of our most popular options are listed below, but we also have a range of other adhesives such as ultra-removable for windows, extra permanent and 'tyre' adhesive for when adhesion is critical.

Removable (Peel) Adhesive

Great for when labels need to be removed, for example from clothing or products (e.g. price stickers). 

Freezer-Grade Adhesive

Specifically designed to remain stuck to products even when they're exposed to frozen temperatures.

Permanent Adhesive

Standard adhesive used when labels need to remain stuck in place for general applications and normal environments.


Label Finishing Options

The final finishing option for a self-adhesive label is of vital importance for certain applications. For example, lamination can help to protect the label from a demanding environment while varnishing can help to make the label look its best on a product, or ensure thermal transfer printing compatibility.

Laminated Labels
Matt and Gloss Lamination

Bring additional strength and protection, or a more luxurious feel, to a whole range of labels and applications.

Varnished Labels
Matt and Gloss Varnish

Used to help protect the print and prevent smudges. Thermal transfer compatible varnishes are also available.

Uncoated Labels

Sometimes an uncoated plain look is the best option, particularly for labels which use a textured premium material.

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Crown Labels Support
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Visit the Crown Labels Support Hub to learn more about all the options for your labels.

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