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Our labels are built to high standards.

Crown Labels has provided labelling solutions and worked closely with some of the UK's best known construction and building product suppliers.

Supplying construction customers for 30 years

Highly durable materials and adhesives

Comprehensive range of print capabilities

Building Product Stickers - Crown Labels
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Learn more about our range of label materials and adhesives.


Construction Label Options

Crown Labels understand the demands of the various challenging applications of construction and building product labels, and can recommend suitable adhesives, materials and finishing options to ensure adequate durability and protection. Capabilities also extend to printing many forms of variable data, perfect for item tracking and stock taking.


Select from a wide range of substrates which are suitable for a while variety of demanding applications and environments.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters, or have a custom one made for your order - including special shapes to match your application.


Customise your labels with unique barcodes, product codes or other forms of variable data so as to ensure complete traceability.


Pantone colour selection, plus an extended colour gamut with our digital press, results in strong and vibrant printed colours.


Pick from various adhesive strengths including removable adhesive for glazing contractors or extra permanent when adhesion is critical.


Further enhance the durability of your labels with additional finishing options such as lamination and varnishing.

Construction Stickers - Crown Labels
Help and Support

Got a problem with your thermal transfer printer? Check out these fixes to common issues.

Key Features of Construction Labels

Comprehensive product tracking

Many construction customers combine labels with their own in-house thermal transfer printing, or use our variable data capabilities to produce barcode tracking labels which are used to manage stock.

Construction Barcode Labels - Crown Labels
Strong and distinctive colours

Construction and building product labels need to make use of distinct and strong colours to help ensure correct product identification and that any important notices are recognised and acted on accordingly.

Construction Labels - Crown Labels
Application-matched adhesives

Whether you need a label for hot or cold environments, wet or dry situations, or something different, we've got an extensive range of adhesives and materials which can suit most applications.

Construction Labes - Crown Labels

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