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It's the most important part of a sticky label, but did you realise how many options there are for your adhesive? From peel to permanent, freezer to tyre - there's all sorts of options which will suit your application.

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Label Material Specifications

Our material specification guides offer a simple overview to the key features of our available materials, with details of their key properties, sustainability rating, and suggestions from our team for alternative and similar materials.

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Composition of a Label

What are all the different layers of a label? Each has an important function in creating the final result, and can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your label and therefore your product.

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Top Tip

Our material guides suggest alternative options which may better suit your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I get samples of adhesives, finishes and materials?

We're more than happy to send you sample packs which include example labels made from various adhesives, finishes and materials, and can also send examples of various standard materials. Simply get in touch on our sample pack request page, or fill in our contact form.

Why are some combinations of adhesives, finishes and materials unavailable?

We stock a variety of materials with different adhesives and finishes that are most popular with our customers. Some combinations which aren't displayed as a standard option may still be available, so get in touch with our team if you can't find what you're looking for. Other combinations may not be available due to limitations in the manufacturing process.

Do you supply any sustainable labels?

We have increasing availability for different labels that have sustainable properties. Many of our standard materials are already recyclable or have sustainable origins (eg. FSC Certification), details of which are provided in our material specifications. More information about full range of sustainable label options, including current availability of biodegradble, compostable and recyclable label options are available on our sustainable labels p age.

Are all materials compatible with all print processes?

Some materials may not be compatible with all of our print processes due to their inability to withstand certain temperatures or accept different forms of print. Our material specifications detail a basic summary of compatibility.

Do your labels meet certain standards (Eg. BS5609)?

We have a variety of label materials, adhesives and finishes which meet different internaitonal specifications and regulations, including BS5609. For more information of our availability please contact us.


Material Specifications

Spec Coming Soon
Recycled Rock Paper
Spec Coming Soon
Strengthened Wine Grade Paper

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