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Bespoke Chemical Label Manufacturing

Custom Printed Chemical Labels

Custom Chemical Labels

Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements for chemical-based products.

Durable labels able to withstand chemicals

Chemical labels must meet a range of legal and regulatory requirements related to print quality and durability to ensure that people remain safe at all times while handling chemical products.

Your labels highly functional and long lasting, made from durable synthetic base materials, and specialist adhesives ranging from extra permanent to BS5609-approved. They'll also look the part too, with eye-catching full colour print and options to incorporate unique variable data print.

Custom Chemical Bottle Labels

See how our customers use Chemical Labels

GHS Symbol Packaging Labels

GHS and CLP labels for chemical product packaging

Whether it's the GHS pictogram you require, or additional warning text too, our digital printing capabilities ensure bright and vibrant colour print, plus high resolution text so even small text remains sharp and readable. Opaque block-out materials are also available for overlabelling and translations.

Overprintable Chemical Bottle Labels

Lab bottle chemical labels suitable for overprinting

Our digital label printing capabilities mean we can produce anything from giant chemical transportation labels, to tiny labels suitable for chemical bottles and vials. Your labels can also be made with bespoke finishing options, such as thermal transfer compatible laminates for in-house overprinting.

Oil Resistant Chemical Labels

Waterproof and oil-resistant chemical labels

We provide chemical labels which are made from specialist materials to ensure resistance and durability against water, liquids and oils. These properties also extend to the inks used, as our digital UV inkjet technology achieves great lightfastness and excellent long-term durability. 

BS5609 Compliant Label Adhesives

BS5609 compliant label adhesive for marine transport

For chemicals being transported by sea, labels must meet strict requirements to ensure that in the event of falling overboard, labels will still remain adhered to avoid safety issues and inadvertent environmental damage. BS5609 is the British standard applicable for pressure sensitive labels.

Our expert team are here to help with chemical label advice and guidance, specific to your needs.

ISO 9001 Accredited Manufacturing

You can count on our production quality.

We follow an accredited and audited quality management system, so you can have confidence in our production consistency.

ISO 9001 Accredited Label Manufacturing

Custom Chemical Label options include...

Overprintable Chemical Labels
Chemical labels for on-demand printing

Your labels can be produced in a range of presentations to suit your on-demand label printer, and can be supplied plain or with a pre-printed design.

Opaque Chemical Labels
Opaque Block-out Chemical Labels

Quickly amend existing pre-printed chemical containers by using opaque label materials, the perfect solution for country-specific packaging requirements.

Laminated Chemical Labels
Gloss or Matt Finish Chemical Labels

Select from a range of durability-enhancing finishing options, such as smooth matt laminate or shiny gloss laminate. Other label lamination options are also available.

Custom Chemical Label Shape
Custom Shapes for Containers & Bottles

We're experienced in providing custom shaped chemical labels for bottles and containers, and can provide them to be suitable for your automatic label applicator.

BS5609 Compliant Oil Drum Labels
Labels for drums and irregular surfaces

We produce specialist labels which are able to perform well on curved and irregular surfaces such as chemical drums, made from flexible yet durable materials.

Full Colour Digital Variable Data Chemical Labels
Full Colour Digital Print and Variable Data

Our industry-leading digital label printing capabilities are perfectly suited to full colour chemical labels. Variable data and unique codes can also be printed.

How to get custom Chemical Labels:

Crown Labels are a UK label supplier, manufacturing in South Yorkshire.

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