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Our specialist label production capabilities can ensure that your labels are able to withstand a range of scenarios and can meet chemical label regulation.

Highly durable and resistant materials

Full colour printing to meet label regulations

BS5609 approved adhesives

Custom Chemical Label Options

BS5609 Approved Label Adhesives

We have custom chemical label options that include specialist BS5609 approved adhesives. This essential regulation ensures that labels remain adhered throughout their lifetime and in a variety of challenging environments.

Durable Chemical Labels - Crown Labels
GHS and CLP Chemical Labels

Ensure compliance with national and international chemical labelling standards by using our high quality labels. Essential warning colours are clear and eye-catching through the use of UV inks, perfect for the printing of GHS hazard pictograms.

GHS Pictogram Labels
Waterproof and Oil Resistant Labels

Our range of durable lamination and protective finishing options ensure that your labels are able to withstand exposure to water, oils, and other types of chemicals. This ensures that essential safety information remains even if spillages occur.

Warning Chemical Stickers - Crown Labels
Chemical Safety Labels - Crown Labels
Label Suggestions

Read our top suggestions for how to best design your health and safety labelling.

BS5609 Chemical Stickers - Crown Labels
Help and Support

Not sure what fonts to pick to ensure your text is clear? We've got a helpful guide.


Chemical Label Options

Having worked with customers from the chemical industry for almost three decades, Crown Labels have a wealth of experience that can be used to assist you in selecting the right type of label for your needs and application. Whether you need a BS5609 adhesive compliant label, or one with a highly durable laminate finish, our range of options will be able to meet your requirements.


Select from a wide range of strong, high quality and durable substrate options which are suited to many different applications.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters, or have a custom cutter made for your order to specifically match your use case.


Include barcodes and other forms of variable data associated with your product, such as batch numbers or tracking details.


Our range of print processes can produce many strong and vibrant colours which are perfectly suited to chemical labels.


Get expert advice on label adhesives, with options including extra permanent and BS5609 approved adhesives.


Give your chemical labels extra protection with strong laminates designed to withstand harsh conditions and environments.

Custom Chemical Labels

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