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Education and School Labels

Help enhance the school experience and academic achievement of students with sticky labels manufactured by Crown Labels, used for either organisational purposes or as rewards.

Key Features of Education and School Labels

Receiving an education is one of the most important things in life, and at Crown Labels we want to help enhance a student's experience and improve their academic achievement with supporting stickers and labels. Whether they are for rewarding students at a younger age or simply helping to keep folders and books organised, our solutions and options can help schools, teachers and students in a whole range of ways.

Education Labels

Bright and Colourful

Help engage students and encourage them to earn reward stickers with bright and fun colours and finishing options.

School Labels

Write-on Compatibility

Help improve organisation by using labels, selecting materials such as paper which can be written on.

School Stickers

Suitable for Clothing

Any stickers or labels which are applied directly onto clothing need to have a suitable adhesive to prevent clothing damage.

Options and Capabilities:

Crown Labels will work with you to find the best solution to your labelling needs. Whether this is a personalised reward sticker for students, organisational labels which can be combined with variable data to improve efficiency and prevent lost books, or something else entirely, we can use our expertise to help you. 


Select from a wide range of substrates such as synthetic, paper, clear and metallic. Pick a material which most excites students.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from over 1,000 stock cutters, or have a custom one made for your order, or a special shape made to match your idea.


Use variable data such as student names or class groups to create efficient, fun, and personalised designs.


Labels can incorporate a full range of colours, so as to produce fun, bright and eye-catching stickers perfect for rewards.


Make your label suitable for its specific application, whether for use on school books or as a removable reward sticker.

Cost Effective

We know how important it is to get value for money when purchasing for schools, so we'll work with you to meet your budget.


We'd love for you to see the quality of our labels.

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