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Dairy Labels

Milk, Ice Cream and Cheese Stickers

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With many customers from the dairy industry, Crown Labels has extensive knowledge of labelling for milk, cheese, cream, ice cream and other dairy products.

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Custom Ice Cream Labels
Label Suggestions

See our top tips for designing custom ice cream labels and stickers.


Dairy Label Options

The dairy industry has a wide and diverse range of label requirements, and Crown Labels has experience working with customers to produce labels from cheese and ice cream, to milk and double cream. We have a range of materials suited to exposure to freezing or refrigerated conditions, and different print processes which can print eye catching colours to help your product stand out to new customers.


Select from a wide variety of materials that are suited to various dairy product applications, such as synthetics or textured papers.

Shapes and Sizes

Our range of stock cutters accommodate for thousands of shapes and sizes, including those suitable for bottles, tubs and containers.


Include batch numbers and best before dates directly onto your label with digital printing, or have space for thermal transfer overprint.


Use bright and eye catching colours in your label designs thanks to our Pantone colour matching capabilities.


Pick from a variety of adhesives suited to the storage location for your product, such as freezer adhesive or peel adhesive.


Selecting the right label finish can help to protect it from damp and moisture, perfect for if your dairy product is refrigerated.

Milk Dairy Cheese Stickers - Crown Labels
Help and Support

Find out the best fonts to use to make sure

ingredient info remains clear and visible.

Key Features of Dairy Labels

Fridge and Freezer Adhesives

Crown Labels has a range of sticker adhesives that are suitable for use on products that are stored in refrigerated or freezer environments. These are suited to many dairy products, in particular ice cream and milk.

Ice Cream Stickers - Crown Labels
Protective Laminate Finishes

Most dairy products will be exposed to the cold or conditions in which there is moisture, so ensure that your label remains fully intact by using finishing options such as protective gloss laminates.

Dairy Stickers - Crown Labels

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