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Custom Hand Sanitiser Labels - Design Tips

Learn how to design Custom Hand Sanitiser Labels with our top 5 design tips.

With huge increases in demand for antibacterial hand sanitiser and hand gel, there are more companies than ever looking to enter the market to help meet consumer demand. Many of these new producers will be asking how to design custom hand sanitiser labels, and what information should be included. So we’ve put together out top 5 hand sanitiser label design tips, to help anyone get started in this market space.

1. Don't make your label design too complicated

The most critical part of a good custom label design is that the information you are providing a customer is clear and concise. This is particularly important for health, safety and hygiene products such as hand sanitisers. Customers want to be able to trust your product, which means that information should not be confusing, and you shouldn’t try to make the product seem like something it is not.

For example, does your hand sanitiser label show the alcohol content of the sanitiser? This is information that should be included prominently, as it is a vital part of the product and helps to indicate its quality and suitability.

2. Include this essential information

Along with the alcohol content, there are a range of other pieces of information you should displaying, including the following information as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO):

  1. The name of your company or organisation

  2. Safety instructions such as: for external use only, avoid contact with eyes, keep out of the reach of children, flammability warnings

  3. Date of production and a batch number

  4. How to use the hand sanitiser properly

  5. Details of the WHO-recommended handrub formulation, and composition of the sanitiser (e.g. ingredients such as ethanol or isopropanol)

You should always do further research as to the laws regarding product labelling in your country or region, as there may be additional information that you need to include.

3. Make your product brand clear

There’s an increasing range of hand sanitiser products on the market, so it’s important that your hand sanitiser label design is recognisable. It’s not necessary to go over-the-top with branding or design elements, but by making your logo clear it ensures that customers can find your product again.

You can also use branding to inform customers of other similar products, for example a different scent. With our variable digital printing capabilities, we can print labels of different varieties and sorts with no print plate charges, so it’s simple to label your full range of hand sanitisers.

4. Ensure your label is made from suitable materials

Another important design decision is what materials you want to use for your hand sanitiser labels. You shouldn’t use paper-based labels for hand sanitiser, as they are highly likely to be damaged from any spillages or simply through wear and tear. They also have the disadvantage that they would prevent the hand sanitiser bottle from being cleaned properly. Instead, go for a synthetic label such as polypropylene.

There are different types of polypropylene laminate which you can use to give your label and bottle a different feel. Standard gloss laminate is shiny, whereas matt laminate gives a more refined and sophisticated look that’s perfect for a more premium brand or a cosmetics company. You could even go for a label-less look!

If you need to write a batch code manually, then make sure to pick the best label material to write on.

If you’re looking for a more sustainable option, then there’s Recycled Marble Synpaper labels (also known as rock paper), which has synthetic-like qualities but is made from recycled calcium carbonate (and 20% HDPE) instead of standard plastic.

5. Adjust your designs to suit larger dispensers

A standard hand sanitiser bottle is very different to a larger sanitiser dispenser, so you should amend your label design to match. These dispensers will often be found in hospitals or workplaces where frequent hand washing is essential. Staff and visitors need to be able to locate these dispensers quickly and easily in order to keep themselves and others safe.

As such, it's a good idea to use a larger label if possible, and to increase the text size for key elements such as the product name and 'Hand Sanitiser' so that people know what it is from a distance. You can also use extra colours or bold designs to encourage the use of hand sanitiser, as this will provide extra value to your customers.

Looking for custom printed hand sanitiser labels? Browse our range of custom hand sanitiser label options or request a quotation now for fast order turnaround.


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