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Introducing Recycled Rock Paper Labels

As part of the ongoing efforts by Crown Labels to increase sustainable label options available to customers, we are pleased to announce the introduction of recycled rock paper.

This label material is formed from 80% marble mining waste and 20% recycled HDPE. Rather than this mining waste be taken to landfill, it is instead used to create a label material can be used in a wide variety of applications, and it has a highly distinctive premium feel.

Sustainable Labels
Recycled rock paper joins our sustainable label range

Achieve your sustainability goals

Using this label material is a great way to help improve your environmental credentials, and means that your organisation is playing its part to help reduce global waste. Not only are you helping to re-use waste materials, you’re avoiding the creation of new materials such as polypropylene, and helping to reduce the felling of trees for paper.

This innovative use of materials is a great feature to promote on product packaging and label designs, helping to appeal to the increasing number of consumers who are seeking environmentally conscious products.

Recycled Rock Paper - Key Features

Distinctive Soft-Touch Texture

The stand-out feature of this material is the thickness (100 micron) and distinctive soft touch texture of the face material, creating a premium look and feel that is perfect for a range of consumer products. The matt surface ensures that print stands out, and we particularly love the result of combining the recycled rock paper with metallic foil printing.

Synthetic-like Durability

This material is similar in texture to a matt synthetic and it can tear with some force, the material is more resistant to water than paper alternatives. This hybrid of properties could be beneficial for a range of applications such as promotional event labels or product labels.

Made of Recycled Marble Waste

This material is made out of marble mining waste (80%) and recycled HDPE (a form of polyethylene). Help set your product apart, or meet your internal environmental goals, by using this material.

For more information, sample labels and to request a quotation, please get in touch.

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Sustainable Labels

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