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Recycled Labels

Reduce consumption by using recycled label materials.

Recycled Cardboard
Paper recycling often involves lots of water and bleaching chemicals, so other recycled materials may be a more sustainable option.

How are Recycled Labels sustainable?

Responsible Sourcing

Materials that use recycled components help to protect natural environments and resources by reducing demand.

New ways to use waste

Waste products can be reused or used again if they are recycled, contributing to the circular economy.

Reducing use of new resources

Less new resources are required, reducing associated transportation, pollution and processing.

Are Recycled Labels the option for me?

Using label materials that are made from recycled sources is a great way to help reduce the amount of new resources required to make your labels. It's a vital part of efforts to create a circular economy in which resources are continually reused in a 'closed loop'.

However, it's also important to consider the amount of energy and processing required for some recycled materials. For example, paper recycling is a very intensive process, requiring significant amounts of water, energy and chemicals (bleach to re-colour the paper). And despite all of this, the final product will still have imperfections and an off-white appearance.

Alternative recycling processes may be a better match, such as Recycled Marble Synpaper, which doesn't need to use bleaching chemicals and uses comparatively little water. Alternatively you could look to plant-based labels, which diversify away from wood in order to help protect the environment.

'Circular Economy'

A traditional economy makes, uses, and then disposes. A circular economy aims to get rid of the disposal stage, and keep resources in use for as long as possible.


This is achieved by recycling items, reusing materials, and using as much of a resource as possible.


Recycled Labels

Material Availability



Reuse and Recycling



Recycled Paper

100% recycled fibres
Recyclable attached to cardboard

This matt material is made entirely from recycled fibres, resulting in a non-smooth appearance with visible imperfections and colour variation.

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Recycled Paper Labels
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Are stickers recyclable? The answer's more complex than you might have thought.

Sustainability is more than a material choice

Materials are a key part of any sustainable label, but there's a lot more to consider when ensuring that your labels are as sustainable as possible.

From production processes, tooling and print plates, to delivery options and label durability, there's a wide range of considerations. You'll likely need to compromise on some goals, or be willing to make a trade-off.

We want to ensure that your labels really are as sustainable as possible in all aspects, and are always working to expand our range of initiatives.

No waste sent to landfill

We don't send any waste to landfill. Instead it's collected and scent for processing at an energy recovery facility to help provide heat and power for homes in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

No Landfill Waste

Paper packing and less plastic

Our phase-out of polystyrene void filler was completed last year, replaced with paper. We're also taking steps to reduce plastic, and you can request a plastic-free delivery for your order.

Paper Packaging

Ink cartridge recycling

All of the industrial ink cartridges used in our Epson Digital Press are returned to Epson for recycling. This helps to reduce waste, and contributes to efforts to build a circular economy.

Cartridge Recycling

Sustainable Recycled Labels

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All material supplies are subject to availability and production testing. Provided specifications are based on information from the original material manufacturer and are subject to change without notice. Pictures are for illustrative purposes only and not guaranteed to be representative due to the nature of the product and production processes. For further information about specifications and availability please contact our team ❯

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