Helping you stick to sustainability goals.

As the world progresses to a more sustainable future, labels and stickers are under increased scrutiny for their sustainability and environmental impact.

Crown Labels are proud to offer a range of products, services and options which help you work towards your sustainability goals, and create more environmentally friendly products and services.


We're also keeping a look out for more new ways to make sustainable labels, such as biodegradable and compostable label options.

Our Label Sustainability Principles

Finding suppliers that share our sustainability commitments, and seek to make the world a better place.


Efforts to reduce the use of materials, energy and resources, and finding ways to make labels last longer.


Ways to ensure that what we produce can be reused, turned into something else, or used sustainably.

Reuse and

Sustainable Label Materials

Our new paper material with a water soluble adhesive is a great option for providing an easy way to remove a label from your product. This is particularly beneficial for ensuring that materials can be separated for recycling.

NEW Wash-off Paper Labels
Reuse and Recycle

Crown Labels has a wide range of paper label materials which are FSC MIX certified, meaning that the paper has been sourced in a sustainable manner either from recycled material, from an FSC certified forest or from other controlled sources.

FSC Mix Paper Labels
Responsible Sourcing

We've just launched a new label completely biodegradable¹ label material, made from FSC Certified paper and a specialist acrylic-based biodegradable adhesive. We're also accepting enquiries for biodegradable kraft papers and films.

Biodegradable Label Material
Reuse and Recycle

Our new rock paper material is made from marble produced from quarries, meaning that by selecting this material you're helping to recycle waste and reduce your consumption of new resources.

Recycled Mable Rock Paper Labels
Responsible Sourcing

If your labels last for longer and are more durable, then you'll be helping to reduce your environmental impact by not needing new labels as often. We've got a wide range of options to pick from.

Highly Durable Labels
Reduced Consumption

COMING SOON: PET is a type of recyclable plastic that has no limits to the amount of times it can be recycled. Our supply has a water based adhesive which enables easy processing by recycling centres, allowing the PET to be reused.

Recyclable PET Labels
Reuse and Recycle

Sustainable Label Production

We predominantly use water-based flexographic inks² meaning that they don't contain harsh chemicals and have less impact on the environment than other types of inks such as UV.

Water-Based Flexo Inks
Responsible Sourcing

All waste from Crown Labels is collected and sent for processing at an Energy Recovery Facility, to provide electricity for the National Grid and heat for Sheffield's District Energy Network.

No waste sent to landfill
Reduce Consumption

Each time we order a new label cutter, it's saved and stored for future use by other customers. We've got thousands of cutters available in hundreds of different shapes and sizes.

Thousands of stock cutters
Reuse and Recycle

Print plates require energy and resources to produce, and can involve the use of chemicals. Instead, we can digitally print your labels as this production process doesn't need any print plates.

Less need for print plates
Reduce Consumption

We always aim to use as much of the 'web width' of material as possible by printing multiple designs across, helping to reduce wastage of both materials and energy.

Efficient production layouts
Reduce Consumption

All of the ink cartridges used by our Epson Digital press are collected and then shipped back to Epson, enabling recycling of the cartridges and a reduction in overall waste.

Ink Cartridge Recycling
Reuse and Recycle
Help and Support

What label materials are recyclable?

It's a bit complicated - find out more.

Sustainable Packing & Delivery

We've replaced all of our void filler material with recyclable and biodegradable paper. This filler material helps to reduce the risk of your labels getting damaged and needing to be re-produced.

Paper Void Filler Material
Responsible Sourcing

We deliver to many of our local customers, using efficient routes to save reduce pollution and fuel consumption. You can also pick up your labels directly from our factory.

Local Delivery Options
Reduce Consumption

Our delivery partner is committed to carbon neutral deliveries, helping to reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of your new labels.⁴

Carbon Neutral Deliveries³
Responsible Sourcing

The cores which labels are wound onto are made of cardboard, meaning that they can be recycled. They're also great to turn into something else such as stationery holders or toys in hamster cages!

Recyclable cardboard cores
Reuse and Recycle
  1. Our new plain biodegradable label material is made from FSC Certified Paper and an acrylic-based adhesive, both of which are biodegradable. Printing ink which may be used with these labels is not currently certified as biodegradable. The release liner is made from siliconised glassine which is not currently biodegradable.

  2. Sometimes we may use UV ink to achieve a better print quality on intricate designs. Please make a request with our team if you wish to stick to water based inks only.

  3. Our main delivery partner, DPD Local (part of the DPD group), is committed to carbon neutral deliveries. More information is available on their website ↗

  4. Most of our labels are delivered by DPD and are carbon neutral, but some local and same day shipments are not. For more information about your specific delivery, please contact us.

All material supplies are subject to availability. For more information, further clarification on any of the above points, or to discuss your available options, please contact us.

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