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E Liquid Label Design Tips and Printing

The Vaping industry is attracting lots of attention with its increasing size and impact - the market is valued at more than £1bn in the UK alone. This makes now the perfect time to establish your e-liquid and vaping brand, and what better way to make an impression on consumers than with stunning labels.

Keep reading to see the top four ways your e-liquid labels and stickers can be the best:

Shine with Metallics

Metallic E-Liquid Labels

We’re big fans of metallic labels because of their ability to capture the attention of consumers from a distance. There are two production options for metallic labels which are best suited to different design styles. We recommend Hot Foil sticker printing for when you want a few selected elements to be metallic, such as a brand logo or flavour title. For more complex artwork with finer detail or where you want to achieve a range of metallic colours, digital label printing is the way to go.

Hot Foil Stickers

The Label-Less Look

Clear E Liquid Labels

Using clear material for your vaping labels helps to transform your entire bottle, creating a premium and creative look that can keep customers interested for longer. There are two general routes to go with clear e-liquid label designs - either giving the illusion that the label is printed directly onto the bottle, or using the colour of the liquid to influence the look of the bottle (for example, part of the label could show a scale of how much vape juice is remaining).

Clear E Liquid Labels

Turn to Touch

Varnished and Laminated E Liquid labels

Your label will be a visual delight, so why not also make it great to touch? The feel of a product can be transformed through its label, and it’s a particularly good route to go when looking to increase the feeling of quality - an important factor in the e-liquid market. There are a whole variety of material and lamination options to pick from, and they have the added benefit of making the label more durable to any spilled liquid.

Variable Foil Labels

Hassle Free E-Liquid Label Supplies

Crown Labels are expert providers of self adhesive labels, and have a whole range of experience in providing for e-liquid and vaping industry customers. Great labels are worth the investment, and we're here to help.

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