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Our Favourite Orange Labels

Halloween is officially the spookiest time of the year - with black, orange, spiders and creepiness all set to take over. While we’re not big fans of all things scary, we do love colour, so to celebrate we’ve looked back through our past and current work to find our favourite pumpkin-orange labels and stickers.

A little bit of Pumpkin Spice

Unfortunately we don’t have any pumpkin spice latte labels yet, but we’ve got something even better with these Spiced Pumpkin Pesto labels for Peckish Kitchen. Described as ‘A fusion of autumn flavours and warming Indian spices’ this Yorkshire made pesto is perfect for the time of year. Subtle patterns in the orange background achieved with our high quality digital press enable consistency across the Peckish Kitchen product line, while still enabling themed differentiation for each specific product.

Orange Pesto Labels

A Cheesy Treat

Sheffield Cheesemasters use a distinctive bright orange for their ‘Little Mester’ cheese, which is highly effective at helping to catch the eye of both regular customers and cheese connoisseurs. Contrasting with the black and white background, the design is noticeable from a distance or at angles - perfect when it’s part of product displays or in counters. What makes this cheese even more delightful is that it’s made with high quality local ingredients, including milk from Our Cow Molly.

Orange Cheese Labels

A Sheffield Institution

No list of orange labels could ever be complete without Henderson’s Relish. This orange design has been part of the fabric of Sheffield for decades, and while the exact design has been tweaked over the years, that distinctive orange has stayed consistent (with the exception of special edition Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United style labels). With extensive colour capabilities, both our digital press and flexo press are able to produce an orange which stays bright and consistent across their labels.

Hendersons Relish Labels

Crown Labels provide high quality labels and expert support - no matter your label colour! Whether you want to discuss changes to your existing labels, or want to work with us to create brand new labels, our team are here to help and ensure you get the best possible labels for your application.

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