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Valentine's Day Sticker Ideas

Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to boost sales of your products. Many small companies are able to offer unique and customised gift ideas, but most don’t take full advantage of this opportunity. Today we’re highlighting Valentine’s Day sticker ideas that you can use to help promote your products and business.

Valentine's Day Stickers

Sometimes all people need is a nudge to encourage them to buy your product. Promotional stickers which highlight your product as a ‘Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift’ are an excellent way to remind customers about the day, and more importantly that your product is a great gift idea. Having promotional stickers like this is also economical, because they don’t have to be overly big, and any left over can always be used again next year.

Custom Valentine's Day Labels

You could even go one step further by creating a customised Valentine’s Day product, that of course would need special edition labels. Just like with custom Christmas products, creating a limited edition version with this event in mind can be a great way to drive sales. We recommend ensuring you go for a premium version of your product label for a special edition product - consider integrating hot foil print or a more luxurious colour scheme.

If you really want to offer a special and unique product, you could go all out by integrating personalisation directly onto the label. Our Digital press can print variable data, including names and messages. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


Special events such as Valentine’s Day offer a great opportunity for many businesses to boost sales and strengthen their brand. Don’t miss out - talk to our team about your label ideas!


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