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Why You Should Use Custom Address Labels

Customised address labels are some of the most popular types of labels we produce. If you’re wondering why, it’s because they fulfil an essential function and are a great branding opportunity. In this post we’re looking at some of the top ways that address labels can benefit any business, including yours.

First Impressions Count

Whether you’re sending a letter, a product or a parcel, the first thing that a person sees will always be the same - the address label. If you’re using a plain and generic looking label, there’s no way that you’ll stand out to the receiver.

Sending marketing communications? Your address label is essential for helping to communicate your brand to new prospects, plus it can help to put your mail to the top of their pile if the label really catches their attention.

Printed Address Labels
Professionally printed address labels help your mail stand out

For people receiving your mail that are already aware of your brand, eye-catching address labels help to reinforce your company as the sender of the mail. This could be particularly useful for deliveries of products, in particular high quality products if you’re wanting to create a complete premium experience. You’ll also help prevent confusion about who a parcel might be from if there’s a clear label showing your organisation’s logo.

Streamline your systems

Thermal Transfer Labels
You can print onto address labels using a Thermal Transfer printer

Using address labels also helps to establish an internal system for handling mail and parcels. Instead of various designs, sizes and layouts, using a pre-printed address label ensures consistency and a strong brand. This is important for any company, but particularly so if you’re sending confidential or private correspondence, as this consistent address label design helps show that the mail is legitimate.

Your address label can also integrate a small return address. This avoids the hassle of printing a separate return address label, plus ensures that the inclusion of this essential piece of information isn’t forgotten about.

Integrate additional marketing

If you’ve got an address label which is great at capturing attention, then make the most of the opportunity by integrating additional marketing messages. Depending on the space and layout of your address labels, this could range from a small message to a quality mark or image.

Anniversary Address Labels
We updated our address labels to promote our 30th anniversary

At Crown Labels, we’ve created special address labels to celebrate our 30th anniversary - the bright digitally printed background is super eye catching and shows off the capabilities of our press, while also drawing attention to the text marking our 30th anniversary.

These are just three reasons to use address labels, but there’s countless ways in which they can integrate into your business to provide opportunities to increase customer engagement and brand recognition. Get in touch with our team to talk about label options for you.



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