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Quarantine Labels and other COVID Safety Labels

Image by Parker Burchfield

Fast turnaround for quarantine labels

Help make your new COVID Secure operating processes more efficient and safe with the use of custom quarantine related labels.

Quarantined item labels suitable for writing on

Digital printing with bright colours

Variety of label adhesive options

Use labels to help keep your business open and COVID Secure

Stickers for Quarantined Items

If your shop has items available for public browsing or testing, then use quarantine stickers to help keep track of your stock. You can use easily removable stickers to help label any quarantined items in storage while it awaits return to the shop floor.

Quarantined Item Labels
Cleaning Required Labels

If you have stock that requires cleaning between use or try-ons, then you can use labels to both inform customers and notify staff that cleaning is required. Label options also include materials that can withstand exposure to chemicals.

Cleaning Required Stickers
Contactless Payment Stickers

Encourage your customers to avoid cash and instead use card or contactless payment methods, helping to prevent the spread of germs. There are a wide variety of options for these labels depending on your needs.

Use Cotactless Stickers
One Way Direction System Labels

Help ensure social distancing by implementing a one way system in your store or showroom. This can be supported through the use of floor stickers and directional labels to help guide customers and discourage access to certain areas.

One Way Direction Floor Labels
Custom Hand Sanitiser Labels

If your business is providing hand sanitiser to staff and visitors, you may wish to customise the dispensers or bottles with your own branding or additional instructions for use.

Custom Hand Sanitiser Labels
1 Metre Social Distancing Labels
COVID Secure Labels and Stickers

Help keep customers and staff safe with social distancing floor labels.


Custom Quarantine Label Options

As part of ensuring your business, shop or workplace is COVID-19 Secure in line with UK government guidance, you may need to quarantine items that are returned or tried by customers. To help keep track of items that require cleaning, have been cleaned, or need to be stored for a set period of time, we recommend using functional stickers and labels.

With a wide variety of options to suit your business needs and use cases, including a range of adhesives, finishing options and write-on compatibility, Crown Labels will be able to assist your business by providing high quality labels at highly competitive prices.


We have a range of materials which are suitable for writing to with pens or pencils, including durable synthetic options.

Shapes and Sizes

Pick from hundreds of stock cutters, or have a custom cutter made for your order to suit your needs and quarantine label requirements.


We can pre-print your labels with variable data, or even unique barcodes and QR codes to enable optimal and efficient tracking.

Label Applicator Compatible

We can provide labels on rolls that suit a whole range of label applicators, including small hand-held applicators.


You'll typically need a removable adhesive for temporary use cases, but we also have other specialist and permanent options.


Your labels can be made more durable, being able to withstand exposure to chemicals and other cleaning agents.

Let's talk about your labels

Crown Labels Self Adhesive Labels
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