Requirements for provided artwork and data

Label Artwork Guidelines

Our detailed artwork guideline documents give overviews to the types of artwork we can accept and use, along with detailed guidelines for designers or those looking to make their artwork well suited to their chosen production process.

Crown Labels Artwork
Variable Data Labels

Use this guide to help prepare your variable data spreadsheets so that your labels can be printed quickly and easily, and see the different options available for your label presentation.

Crown Labels Variable Data
Introduction to Vector Artwork

Vector artwork is an important part of your label design, but what exactly is it? Our introduction gives you a basic overview of why we ask for vector artwork, and the benefits it has for your labels.

Crown Labels Vector Artwork
Crown Labels Artwork Support
Top Tip

Our team can create artwork from a sketch or diagram for basic label designs.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What requirements are there for artwork?

There are a variety of requirements for artwork in order to achieve the best quality print. Please refer to the 'Artwork Questions' section of this FAQ, or to the various artwork related links on the current support page. If you're looking for guides related to understanding your artwork proof, click here.

What requirements are there for variable data?

We're able to print a variety of variable data using different print processes, but there are some limitations. Some of the variable data we can print includes consecutive numbering, non consecutive numbering, variable and non variable barcodes and QR codes, plus alphanumeric codes or text. We can also print variations in images, pictures and design using our Digital press. For more information, please refer to our Variable Data Labels guide (PDF).

I can't meet a requirement - what now?

Depending on the requirement, there may be a degree of flexibility that means we can still make your labels. For example, we recommend that digital prints use 300 DPI images for best results, but we can print lower quality. Alternatively, we state that we can't print very small text on our Hot Foil press, which is because the print will merge together. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirement and what options there may be to achieve your intended labels.

Are there any other guidelines or requirements?

Sometimes due to the combination of a print process, materials and artwork design, there may be some additional limitations which aren't detailed on this page. When creating your bespoke quotation, our team will ask a variety of questions to ensure that they have all the information they need, and will flag up any potential problems. Click here to request your free bespoke quotation.

Artwork Questions

Can Crown Labels produce my artwork?

Depending on the complexity of your label, we might be able to assemble a design for you. If you're looking for something complex like a product label, or a label which needs to have various legally required information, then we recommend working with a dedicated design company. For more information, please refer to our artwork requirements document (PDF). If you're already working with a design company, be sure to show them our artwork guidelines which have been made for designers to ensure that the design they create won't need any further adjustments.

Why are there lots of artwork guidelines?

We know the list of requirements can look daunting, but if you're able to ensure that your artwork meets all of them then it means that your label will look the best it can possibly be. Most labels won't need to meet all of the requirements as they won't all be relevant. There are also various limitations depending on the print process. For more information, see artwork guidelines for specific processes. If you need any help, be sure to get in touch with our team.

What should I tell my artwork designer?

We've produced a range of documents which go into detail about our print capabilities for each print process. Simply share our artwork guidelines with them, and they should be able to ensure that your artwork meets our basic requirements. We're more than happy to answer any questions you or they may have.

What is vector artwork?

Vector artwork is a type of artwork which is able to be adjusted and resized without reducing in quality. It's recommended and sometimes required for your labels in order to achieve a better quality print. To read an introduction to vector artwork, click here (PDF).


Artwork Guidelines

Artwork Requirements

Find out the different forms of artwork which we accept, and the various suitable formats.


Learn more about the specific details and requirements for artwork, such as bleed and sizes.

Hot Foil Artwork

Learn more about Hot Foil printing to understand what artwork will achieve the best results.

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