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Plain and Printed Textured Labels

Custom Printed Textured Labels

Textured Labels

Make a big impression on your customers with our range of textured label options.


Sandpaper-like matt synthetic labels

Perfect for drinks bottles, beer cans, and other consumer products stored in damp conditions, this synthetic laminate not only provides a protective layer, but also a soft sandpaper-like tactile surface to aid grip and avoid dropping and spilling products.

Sandy Laminate
Sandpaper-like Sandy Laminate Labels

Paper labels with wood grain-like texture

A distinctive wood grain-like texture runs through this sustainably sourced paper material in a single direction. The texture creates a rustic and handmade feel, making it popular for small-batch and luxury products such as candles.

Antique Paper
Wood grain Antique Paper Textured Labels

Luxurious velvet-like soft-touch labels

This specialist laminate creates an ultra smooth, velvet-like soft-touch feel, to help highlight the premium quality of your products. It's also designed to provide long-lasting protection, while avoiding impact on the vibrancy of printed colours.

Soft-Touch Laminate
Velvet Soft-Touch Labels

Labels with smooth synthetic texture

When used as a base material, matt polypropylene can provide contrast to UV inkjet print, creating a tactile feel based on the label design. This material is also available as a clear laminate when a smooth all-over finish is required.

Matt Polypropylene
Smooth Label Textures

Recycled paper labels with smooth texture

Subtle visual imperfections in recycled paper contrast with the surprisingly smooth finish, creating a label which is not just sustainable, but also compliment kraft boxes. Standard uncoated matt papers are also available which have a similar smooth texture.

Recycled Paper
Textured Recycled Paper Labels

Thick labels with matt vinyl texture

Laminates help to protect a label's printed design and base material from heat, liquid and other substances. Matt vinyl laminate is thicker than standard laminate, not only increasing protection but also creating a distinctive thick synthetic feel.

Matt Vinyl
Textured Vinyl Labels

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Crown Labels are a UK label supplier, manufacturing in South Yorkshire.

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