Labels which make a big impression

Our range of textured label materials and finishes are an excellent way to make your product packaging extra special and memorable.

Luxurious textured paper labels

Variety of textured synthetic laminates

Great to combine with premium print options

Combine form with function

With various synthetic laminates available, find an option which not only enhances the look and finish of your product but also provides added protection.

Laminates help to protect the label's printed design and base material from heat, liquid and other substances, and are normally used with standard papers or synthetic label materials.


The end result? Your labels will stay looking great for even longer.


Textured Label Options

Crown Labels stocks a variety of materials that feature a textured surface, great for products or luxury applications. Tactile surfaces help to involve additional senses when a product is handled, making it more memorable for a customer and demonstrating an additional level of quality.

Antique Paper
with grain texture

A distinctive soft grain texture runs through the material in one direction.

Sandpaper-like Sandy Laminate

A laminate with a rough and uneven texture, perfect for adding extra grip to products.

Matt Polypropylene Laminate

This lamination option adds a soft-touch matt feel to your labels, creating a smooth effect.

Matt Vellum Paper
with smooth feel

Our standard matt (vellum) paper has a smooth feel suitable for a wide variety of uses.

Luxurious Soft-Touch

This specialist laminate has an ultra soft-touch feel that helps makes your labels more tactile.

Matt Vinyl


A great option for adding thickness to a label for a more durable and synthetic feel.