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Give your perfect scent a perfect look.

Match the quality of your candles with expertly printed labels and stickers produced by Crown Labels, available in a wide variety of materials.

High quality printing including foil printing

Luxurious synthetics and premium papers

Multiple design variations with digital printing

Candle Label Design - Crown Labels
Label Suggestions

See our top tips for designing your custom candle labels and stickers.


Candle Label Options

Crown Labels has developed close relationships with many candle producers, helping to create new and exciting labels through a variety of printing techniques. Our Epson Digital press is capable of printing multiple variations without plate charges, enabling us to offer lower minimum order quantities than competitors, and at a better print quality.


Select from a variety of materials suited to jars, tins and other candle containers, including premium papers and luxury synthetics.

Shapes and Sizes

Our range of stock cutters accommodate for thousands of shapes and sizes, including those for jars, tins and bottles.


Customise your labels with unique batch numbers or references, perfect for highlighting hand made or custom candle products.


Digital printing unlocks an almost unlimited selection of colours. Alternatively, use stunning metallic foils - or combine both!


Candle Label adhesives need to be durable to be able to stick to the candle container while also withstanding warmth and heat.


Our variety of label finishing capabilities means we can offer the best option to suit your candle label design and application.

Tintoretto Paper - Crown Labels
Label Suggestions

Introducing Tintoretto Paper: premium felt-marked paper, perfect for artisan products.

Key Features of Candle Labels

Quality Materials and Finishes

It's often not possible to actually smell the scent of your candles, particularly when selling online, which means that visual appeal is the next most important element. Make sure that your candle labels stand out with high quality labels.

Foil Candle Labels - Crown Labels
Limited edition print runs

If you're a candle producer who creates small batches and limited edition versions, then our digital capabilities are for you. Crown Labels can print multiple varieties without plate charges and at low starting costs.

Limited Edition Candle Labels - Crown Labels
Refined colour schemes

Colour is a vital consideration for candle and diffuser labels, as it helps to set customer expectations for the scent and overall experience. Most companies use soft, muted colours to reflect the calming influence of their candles.

Candle Stickers - Crown Labels

Let's talk about your labels

Crown Labels Self Adhesive Labels
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