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Stand out with metallic labels

Metallic labels are the perfect way to capture the attention of consumers and visualise the quality of your product or service.

Wide range of hot foil metallic print colours

Various metallic base materials available

Stunning digital print capabilities

Hot Foil Printing:
Classic Luxury

Many customers pair a metallic foil with a textured paper, to create a luxurious label perfect for a wide variety of products and applications.

Hot Foil printing is best suited to specific design elements, such as logos or product names. This can be paired with digital printing for increased design flexibility.

Colours available include Silver, Gold, Copper and Rose Gold, plus more on request.

Digital Printing:
Stunning Detail

Our digital press prints onto metallic substrates, using white ink to vary a design between metallic sections and non-metallic sections.

Any colour that can be printed onto our standard materials can also be produced on our metallic range. This means you can include all sorts of metallic colours on your label, beyond the set range available with Hot Foil.

Metallic Stickers - Crown Labels
Label Suggestions

Less is often more with metallic foil designs; give your foil printed elements space to shine.

Metallic Label Options

Metallic labels are some of the most popular new orders at Crown Labels, and it's clear why - these labels help to showcase quality and are great for capturing the attention of customers. With a full range of options and combinations, your metallic labels can be designed to suit your application.


Many substrates can be printed onto with hot foil, such as synthetics or textured paper, or use metallic polypropylene for digital.

Variables & Personalisation

Include batch numbers, consecutive numbering, variable text or other forms of personalised data with digital printing.


We stock a range of eye-catching metallic foil colours such as gold and silver, or have almost unlimited choice with digital printing.


Pick from a variety of lamination options to help make your metallic labels extra special, or go for an uncoated paper finish.

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