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Hot Foil Stickers - Design Tips

Hot Foil printing produces stunning metallic foil labels and stickers which help to capture the attention of consumers with their premium look and finish. We print hot foil stickers at our UK manufacturing facility, providing high quality labels for a wide variety of customers in numerous industries. This blog post details our hot foil sticker design tips, and some creative ways you could integrate hot foil labels into your product design or marketing strategies.

Hot Foil Stickers: Less Foil, More Impact

While it can be tempting to create a label with as much eye-catching metallic foil as possible, sometimes less can be more when creating a refined look which best portrays your brand. Take these Hudson and Bond labels as an example; this result was achieved by ensuring that the logo was not overwhelmed with additional foiled elements, instead allowing the design to speak for itself. Pairing with a black background was also a great choice for this design, with the contrast between the black and metallic gold foil helping to emphasise the crisp lines and curves.

Hot Foil Stickers

Complement Your Application

It's also important to make sure that other factors of your hot foil label are considered so as to best complement your application. For example, a clear label with silver foil and a matt finish may be much more effective at creating a premium 'label-less' look on a jar than using a label where foil has been printed onto a coloured paper background. Our team have lots of experience providing labels for a whole range of industries and applications, and will be able to suggest a variety of options for you to pick from. You can also request to have a look at a selection of sample labels, allowing you to get a true appreciation of how your finished labels will be produced.

It could be that a metallic eye-catching effect could be achieved more effectively for your label in another way. Some of our customers use a metallic material which then has colours such as black printed on top. This creates a superb all-metallic effect which works well to help a sticker stand out on a complex background or application.

Metallic Labels

The Perfect Match - Digital and Hot Foil Printing

The nature of hot foil sticker printing means that variable and personalised labels printed entirely in foil are not a cost effective option. However, there are ways in which labels can be produced with both hot foil elements and variable data by combining production with our digital press. By printing the main label digitally, unlimited varieties can be achieved which can also contain variables such as names, batch numbers or barcodes. High resolution images could also be printed, or any other option available with our digital press. Metallic foil can then be printed as an additional process, showing a consistent element such as a logo or quality mark. This combination helps to achieve a wide variety of high quality, premium options.

Variable Foil Labels

Shine Out on the Shelf with Hot Foil Labels

Even a simple label becomes more eye catching and appealing to a potential customer with the introduction of metallic foil, and when combined with digital printing there's a huge range of possibilities.

Crown Labels are specialist suppliers of hot foil labels, with over 25 years of experience in this production process. Trust us to work with you to achieve a label which matches your needs at a competitive price.

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