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3 Christmas Label Customisations

It may not feel like we’re close to Christmas already, but time is running out to ensure that customised and special edition versions of your product are ready for consumers. Product labels are a vital part of your overall Christmas package, acting as a key draw to consumers looking for seasonal varieties or special gifts, and can be particularly valuable for companies looking to expand.

1- Make a Limited Edition

Creating a feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness is a great way to drive sales, so why not create yearly Christmas edition of one of your favourite products? By using the variable data capabilities of our digital press, you can even number each individual label (such as ‘Bottle 45 of 800’) so that each customer can have a unique label.

You could go even further to create a truly personalised Christmas gift option. Several customers, including Henderson’s Relish, offer labels with customisations such as names for weddings - why not try something similar this Christmas? If you’re interested, get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Exclusive Christmas Labels

2- Add some Sparkle

Using hot foil printing is an increasingly popular way to give products a premium look and feel, and this added shine and sparkle is perfect for giving your product a festive refresh. The benefit of this idea is that it can be very simple and easy to do - logos and key brand elements are normally well suited to hot foil, and our artwork team are more than happy to look at further tweaks and changes for your labels.

Foil Printed Christmas Labels

3- Create a Personal Feel

Following on from the idea of creating a more personal and exclusive product, there’s the option to switch your standard paper labels to ‘antique’ textured paper. This specialised form of paper has subtle ridges running through it and is slightly thicker, creating a look perfect for homemade style products or personalised editions.

These are just a handful of a whole range of possibilities for your Christmas product labels. Our team are more than happy to discuss our options and capabilities and the various customisations which could be made to your labels - just get in touch!



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