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How Can Stickers Be Sustainable?

With more awareness than ever of the challenges posed by climate change and pollution, how can organisations do their part to help protect the environment? At Crown Labels, we look at producing sustainable stickers from three key perspectives; responsible sourcing, reducing consumption, and reuse and recycling.

To mark Earth Day 2019 this Monday 22nd April, we’ve compiled the top ways in which you can pick more sustainable label and sticker options that are better for the planet and work towards these three sustainability principles.

Recycled Label Materials

We’re constantly on the look out for new materials which we think our customers would love, including new options that are sustainable or make use of recycled materials. One such option is Recycled Rock Paper - label material which is formed from 80% marble mining waste and 20% recycled HDPE. Rather than this mining waste be destroyed or taken to landfill, it is instead used to create a label material can be used in a wide variety of applications, and it has a highly distinctive premium feel.

Alternatively, why not go for labels made from sustainable paper? This paper is from responsibly managed woodland and forests, meaning that trees are being used in a sustainable way which ensures that they’re available for future generations.

Reducing Consumption

Minimising consumption and use of resources can often be a better strategy than switching to alternative materials, and Crown Labels has a wide variety of options which facilitate this approach. Many of our materials are highly durable, particularly when paired with a protective laminate, which can help reduce labels being damaged and therefore ensure that these labels can stay in place for longer.

Stickers are also a great way to add flexibility to packaging designs. Rather than disposing of existing packaging such as cardboard sleeves which may have out of date elements, stickers can be used instead. They can highlight a new promotion, emphasise an existing feature or even fix a mistake. Specialist opaque labels are designed to completely cover up whatever they’re being stuck to, which further increases the range of options available for your stickers.

Sustainable Delivery and Packing

Every label order will need some form of packing and delivery, and this can have a big impact on the environment when added up across the thousands of orders we complete each year. That’s why we’re continually working to minimise the size and weight of our packaging in order to reduce our environmental impact, and find new more sustainable methods. For example, the vast majority of our filler material has been switched from polystyrene peanuts to paper, and this phase out will be complete later this year with the introduction of biodegradable maize-based packing peanuts.

In addition, all deliveries made with our standard carrier DPD Local are carbon neutral (find out more by clicking here), and if we make a delivery to local customers using our van, then we always use the most efficient routes possible. Sometimes that includes dropping of deliveries on our way home!

These are just some of the many steps we’ve taken to help reduce our environmental impact. To find out more, visit our sustainable labels page. Want to order environmentally conscious stickers? Click here to get in touch.



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