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Is Rose Gold the new Black?

What can a colour say about a product? In industries where quality and sophistication is essential, such as cosmetics, beauty and gifts, colours such as black have long been a staple. And when coupled with gorgeous metallic golds and silvers, these colours help labels reach a whole new level of luxury.

While black, silver, gold and white have long been popular Hot Foil colours with our customers, a new trend towards rose gold (copper) has emerged in recent months - and we're absolutely loving the results. Keep reading to learn more about a couple of our recent favourites, plus our tips for how you can achieve a similar look.

Entirely Natural Beauty

Clockface Beauty, a newly launched cosmetics brand, harnesses the ‘power of nature’ for its 100% natural, organic and vegan skincare range. A new cosmetics brand not only needs to ensure consumer trust in its products, but also must be able to set itself apart through its brand and labelling.

Luckily that’s no problem for Clockface Beauty, with these gorgeous labels exuding luxury not just through the metallic rose gold foil, but also the high quality digital printing and soft matt laminate finish. These features combine to make a label that is a delight to both see and touch, mirroring the exceptional quality of the products.

Rose Gold Cosmetics Labels

Achieve this look by using a restrained colour palette. With just navy blue, soft pink, white and rose gold foil, the specific use of colours ensures that each can stand out, plus the rose gold compliments the navy and pink perfectly.

Traditionally Made English Soap

Virginia Coram, artisan makers of natural and luxurious bath and body products, used new labels to enhance their new brand and design. With this industry becoming increasingly competitive, high quality labels that showcase a strong brand are more important than ever.

Using a muted colour palette so as to allow the rose gold foil print of the logo to stand out, these new labels help to ensure that Virginia Coram can become a widely recognised luxury brand. Like Clockface Beauty, these labels use a luxury soft touch matt laminate, which comes with an added bonus of helping to protect the label from any leaks or spills.

Rose Gold Soap Labels

Achieve this look with refined typography and a balanced layout. The choice of a serif font (a font with flicks and strokes) creates a sophisticated and established look. Meanwhile the precise layout of the logo, product name and additional information helps to ensure that potential customers aren’t overwhelmed.

Rose Gold Cosmetics Labels - Top Suggestions

  • Ensure your colour scheme either complements the rose gold foil, or acts as a sophisticated contrast.

  • Don’t go overboard with the use of foil - less is normally more.

  • Match the luxury of rose gold foil with an equally luxurious finishing option, such as a matt laminate or a gloss varnish.

  • Make sure this coppery rose gold is the right colour for your brand. We have lots of other metallic foil colours to pick from that might better suit your needs.

We'd love to talk to you about your needs for hot foil labels, rose gold labels, cosmetics labels - or any other label requirement! Just click here to get in touch with our team.

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