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New Year Label Resolutions for 2019

We love the new year because it marks the perfect opportunity to refresh, improve and upgrade labels! Whether your labels are used for health and safety, product identification, or for internal processes, labels are essential in many aspects of any organisation. Keep reading to find out our ideas for how you can further improve your labels in 2019.

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1- Double-Check Your Branding

Maintaining a strong brand is no easy task, and part of that comes down to ensuring a consistent brand identity throughout your organisation. Labels are often sourced by a wide variety of individuals on an as-needed basis, resulting in a whole range of fonts, styles and colours being used. While this is clearly most important for labels being seen by visitors or the general public, strong branding is still essential for internal processes in order to create a professional environment.

2019 Labels
Create a positive impression by ensuring a strong and consistent brand

2 - Upgrade Your Materials

Are your existing labels not quite doing the trick anymore? Has their original purpose evolved? The new year is an excellent time to review the use of labels in your business and see if any improvements can be made. Whether that’s changing the type of adhesive or picking a more durable material, our team will be able to help you select the best option for your application.

3 - Discover New Solutions

Labels and stickers can offer a surprising range of time saving opportunities, particularly for repetitive tasks in an office or factory. This could be as simple as a sticker to replace hand-writing the same information, or labels which help better identify a product or material. If you’re stuck for ideas, our team will be more than happy to help and suggest new solutions which similar organisations use.



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