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Perfecting a Pumpkin Label

Supermarkets and farms across the country are now overflowing with pumpkins in preparation for all the spooky celebrations of Halloween, offering hundreds of different shapes and sizes that are perfect for carving. Perhaps unsurprisingly, pumpkins are a rather tricky thing to label.

Not only are they spherical, making application difficult in the best of cases, they have ridges, plus are piled high in crates and boxes with countless other pumpkins. Yet despite all this, the label still needs to be as easy as possible to remove by the customer.

Pumpkin Labels

The Shape

In order to best stick to a pumpkin, labels are normally a circular or oval shape. This enables the sticker to curve to the shape in more places than a standard rectangle, and help to reduce creasing and bubbling. That said, even circular labels can have difficulty sticking to a spherical shape.

The Material

Polypropylene is a more durable material that may better suit pumpkins if they need to be transported, plus it has the added benefit of being far more likely to peel off in one go than a paper label.

The Adhesive

As the label will be coming in direct contact with the pumpkin, it needs to have a food-grade adhesive. The adhesive also needs to be strong to help ensure that even if part of the label can’t stick down properly due to the shape, it will still remain adhered.

The Design

Many labels will need to have space for customisation to reflect the size and price of the pumpkin. For most operations this is likely to be an area suitable for thermal transfer overprinting, meaning the label needs to have a thermal transfer compatible finish. Any other design elements are extra, but the more engaging a label is the more it will stand out from the competition

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