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Product Origin Sticker Suggestions

Product Origin Stickers are one of the most important parts of a product’s packaging. Not only is it often required by law for many products, it can also help to create a personal connection with a consumer and encourage them to buy your product. Keep reading to find out more about different requirements for product origin labelling and the different ways which you can use these stickers to boost your business.

Product Origin Labelling Requirements

Country of origin information is most commonly seen on various food products. For certain food items it is required, such as wine, honey, and a range of meat products, as a result of food safety laws that help with traceability and transparency. Products of animal origin also have to display a POAO oval symbol, which is an element of EU food safety and health identification regulation. In addition, regulation requires that a business name and physical address be listed on pre-packed food products.

There’s more than likely to be additional regulation to follow if you’re exporting to another country, so it’s important to look for specific guidance on origin labelling for your industry, product and market.

Be strategic with your location

All of the mandatory location information on products will inevitably be specific, down to a single location in one town or city. This can be a great marketing tool for a famous location, such as the Chatsworth Estate in Derbyshire, but less so for a regular street or town as it restricts your ‘local’ appeal.

We therefore recommend using a broader geographic region for your promotional labels, such as a county or region. For example, ’Made in Kent’ will be ‘local’ to more people (and recognisable to others across the country) rather than ‘Made in Ashford’.

You may also need to think medium to long term to avoid amending your labels later, particularly if you require print plates. For example, after Brexit any product made in the UK can no longer be classified as 'Made in the EU'. Similarly if you're likely to move your premises, you may want to pick a broader geographic area.

Made in Product Labels
We're able to help design your 'Made in' Promotional Labels

Emphasise Product Quality

Product origin and ‘Made in’ stickers are a great opportunity to also emphasise the quality of your product or service, often being printed on the same label as part of the same design. This is a cost-effective and space-efficient approach to promoting your selling points.

Using a promotional sticker in addition to your normal product label helps create visual emphasis, and has the flexibility to be used on multiple products. It also means that you can go for a more premium option, such as a metallic background or metallic foil print, to make your product origin sticker even more eye-catching.

Demonstrate Sustainability

Emphasising your product as being of local or regional origin can also be beneficial for situations when sustainability is an important factor. If your product shows that it is produced locally, consumers will be more confident in buying it if they're concerned about food miles or transportation emissions. As individuals become increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, we expect small to medium sized businesses to benefit even more from their local credentials.

Your 'Made in' labels can also emphasise the role your product plays in economic sustainability. Many consumers like to know that the money they are spending is going back into the local economy, and these labels will help to demonstrate that.

Join local business groups

There’s some form of promotional local group or association in practically every region of the UK, and joining them often comes with perks including an official product origin logo. For example, as Crown Labels is based in the Sheffield City Region, we’re registered to use the ‘Made in Sheffield’ ↗ mark on our products and packaging, with Sheffield’s reputation for high quality manufacturing helping to support our products and marketing.

There are a huge range of options for labels which promote your product origin, and Crown Labels are here to help you make the best decision. From premium promotional stickers to an updated design for your main product label, we can recommend an option which is best suited to your application. To find out more, get in touch with our team.



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