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Not sure what the different parts are on your artwork proof? Use this handy guide which gives an overview of all the typical parts of your proof. If you've still got any questions, be sure to get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

Your Artwork Proof Explained
Crown Labels Artwork Proof

Don't risk missing a spelling mistake or design issue - use our artwork proofing checklist to help make sure you've double checked every aspect of your artwork so that it's ready for production.

Artwork Proofing Checklist
Crown Labels Proofing

What is the bright, typically magenta line on your artwork proof? It's an important indicator of how your labels will be cut, which is vital for some artwork. Learn more about the cutter line by viewing our guide.

What's a Cutter Outline?
Crown Labels Cutter Outline Guide
Crown Labels Colours
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Colours shown on-screen won't be an accurate representation of your printed labels.


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is the purpose of artwork proofing?

Artwork proofing is an important stage of the label ordering process. It ensures that we've interpreted your requirements and artwork correctly, and gives you opportunity to ask for clarification or correct any errors. We'll use the artwork proof you sign off as a reference point for checking the label at each stage of production, so it's very important that it is checked carefully.

How should I check my artwork proof?

We recommend checking every part of the artwork proof, from the label itself to the details listed below it, and any presentation information. If you need the labels to be any different to what's shown, make sure to get in touch with our team and let them know. We've put together an artwork proofing checklist, which is great as a reference point to use - no matter if you're new to ordering labels or have been doing so for years. Click here to view the Artwork Proofing Checklist (PDF).

My proof is correct - what next?

If you've thoroughly checked your artwork proof and are happy to give your approval for print, simply respond to our proof email saying that you're happy for us to proceed to production. We'll then put the order on our system, and start the process of making your labels.

What if my proof isn't quite right?

If your artwork proof has any errors, mistakes or issues, then please reply to the proofing email with a list of amendments that need making. Our team will then make these changes and send a new proof to you. This process will be repeated as many times as needed. Even if the final amendment is just a small change from the previous version, we recommend you do a full re-check of the proof before giving approval for production.

Can I make changes after approval?

If you notice an error or want to make any changes after you've approved the artwork, please let us know as soon as possible. We're normally pretty speedy at preparing for production, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make amendments without additional charges being incurred. We'll let you know what stage of production your labels are at and the various options available.

Artwork Questions

Why do the colours on the proof look different?

Colours appear differently depending on where you're looking at them - whether on screen, printed on paper or printed on another material. This is because of differences in the way that colours are produced and how exactly the light is reflected. We've published a blog post with more details, which you can view by clicking here. If you're concerned about the colour of your labels, get in touch with our team who will be happy to help.

What's a Pantone colour?

A Pantone colour is a specific colour which is part of the Pantone matching system. It is designed to help ensure consistent colours across different print processes and printing materials. We can print reproduce Pantone colours on our digital press and flexographic press, and as such some may be specified on your artwork proof. More information is available at the Pantone website »»

What's a CMYK colour?

A CMYK colour is made from combining varying amounts of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black inks (the basic inks used for printing), in order to achieve a wide variety of colours.

What does it mean if my artwork had to be re-set?

When we refer to an artwork as being 're-set' it essentially means that our design team have recreated the artwork based on what you originally provided, in order to make adjustments or to achieve a better print quality. This could include needing to re-type text on a label to make changes to the copy or spacing, re-creating a logo if it is in a low quality format, or ensuring artwork is suitable for white ink back-up. If you see any notes about your artwork being re-set, please take the time to check for errors very carefully. We suggest using our proofing checklist to help (PDF).

What's a cutter outline?

A cutter outline shows where the label will be cut during production. It's an important indicator which makes clear the exact shape of your label, and whether there will be borders to your design. For more information about cutter outlines, view our guide here (PDF).

Why is there a metallic, clear, or white ink diagram?

If your label is being digitally printed onto clear or metallic material with additional white ink back-up, we'll normally include a diagram with your proof which shows where this white ink will go. White ink printed onto metallic material will create non-metallic sections. Any white areas included in a design will result in the silver material showing on the finished label, unless white ink back-up has been printed. White ink printed onto a clear material will help strengthen colours to be seen properly. Any white areas included in a design will result in just plain clear material on the finished label, unless white ink back-up has been printed. If you're confused about your proof in any way, our team will be happy to help explain it for you.

Other Questions

Do you provide plain or customised proofs for trade?

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a plain non-branded artwork proof for our trade customers. We can also provide proofs that are customsied with your branding. Please visit our Trade Label Printing page for more information.

What orders receive an artwork proof?

We'll always proof brand new orders for printed labels to you, in addition to any printed label orders in which the artwork is amended. We might also send a proof to you for some repeat orders just to be sure we're producing the right label. You're more than welcome to request an artwork proof for any order, no matter if it's just a plain label or a repeat order.

How long does it take to receive a proof?

Our studio team endeavour to send a proof to you as soon as possible after you confirm your order, and nearly every first proof for an order is sent on the same day (usually within just a couple of hours). It might take a bit longer to send your proof if there's lots of different sorts, the artwork requires lots of adjustments for print, or if we're particularly busy.


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